Success Stories

We recently spoke with Gilburt Chiang, who heads up Business Development for electric power solution provider Bigwood Systems (BSI) -- located on our Thornwood Drive -- some questions about operating within the Cornell Business and Technology Park.

Proximity to landlord/developer and venture investor, our location presents connections to business opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else.

I think it is the only location in the area that embodies a high quality technology looking industrial space, not repurposed old buildings, not a dense pack location, and not in a field, it is close to everything.  

I have built three buildings in the Park over twenty years as my businesses expanded and diversified, and will continue to do so in the future.

- Greg Galvin – Rheonix, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors

We thought about buying a building but Cornell Business & Technology Park makes it so easy to do business; the infrastructure is perfect for what we need and the management is excellent.

When we started the Park was perfect as an incubator and gave us potential for real estate growth and stability as we grew.

Overall it’s a great place to do business; great fit for industrial business.  Easy for trucks coming and going to make deliveries, well zoned for an industrial practice like ours.

The biggest advantage I see is room to grow, we have been here 18 years and every time we require additional space to accommodate growth they make it easy to expand.

- Hubert Lobo – Datapoint Labs, President

Jan Biotech, Inc. received the grant co-funded through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the National Institute of Mental Health, within the National Institutes of Health, said Janet Huie, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Jan Biotech, Inc. The business received the grant for its work in HIV research.

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"Kionix developed two more highly profitable applications for its inertial sensors: enabling cell phones to switch from portrait to landscape mode and making possible motion- based computer gaming systems. When the technology was adopted by such major manufacturers as Samsung, Microsoft, and Nintendo, employment at Kionix grew to 250 people. "

- Cornell Enterprise Online, Winter 2016, Profile in Leadership: Greg Galvin, MS '82, PhD '84, MBA '93