Park Management

Cornell Real Estate Deparment

The Cornell University Real Estate Department is an organization of Cornell University. We are a member of Cornell University Infrastructure Properties and Planning.

Responsibilities include the acquisition, sale, leasing, development, encumbrance, and strategic planning of all Cornell’s real property assets, and the management, construction, and nancing of non- academic real estate.


Mission Statement

Stewardship of Cornell University real property that supports the University’s mission of teaching, research, outreach, and innovation, locally and around the world.



Sustainably leverage Cornell real property resources to create economic benefit, connect the University, local, and global communities, foster innovation, and transform the locations where we live, teach, and learn.

Ashley Companies

THE ASHLEY COMPANIES, LLC is a privately held real estate investment and development firm currently focused in upstate New York markets. Our firm specializes in value creation.

As part of our value creation strategy, we look to reposition assets in the market by providing high quality and improved quality of life for tenants through excellent customer service, an adherence to economical operations, and strategic value creation that generate higher market demand. 

Our efforts comprise of providing the right product, in the right market, at the right time to create value. We understand our target demographic and strategically create an attractive community.