CBTP Culture

Economic Development

Our primary objective is to keep Ithaca a great place to live, by helping companies provide quality jobs, tax revenues, and strengthen the community’s economic base.

Property Taxes

$7.7 million paid over last 10 years.

$16 million will be paid over next 10 years, even with no further development.

As a project, Park is among top 10 tax payers of Tompkins County.


About 1,600 employees

About $57 million in annual payroll put into local economy


Additional jobs for 2,838 people

Additional $61 million in payroll

Additional $45 million in retail sales

Additional $2.2 million in property taxes (Figures from TCAD)


Park employees patronize local restaurants, theater, music, and other activities that keep Ithaca a great place to live. 55% of Park employees volunteer/contribute to charities, not for pro ts, or civic organizations. 52% attend or otherwise support the arts.

Ithaca is a small community. Economic growth isn’t compartmentalized by municipal boundaries.Tax revenues are shared: 67% goes to schools, 19% goes to County, Village of Lansing only keeps 6%, Park employees support downtown, 74% shop downtown, 85% go out to dinner downtown, 87% use downtown services (dry cleaning, auto repair, etc.) 66% go downtown for entertainment (theater, movies, music)


How do I lease space in the Business & Technology Park?
Please contact Kristin Gutenberger, Cornell University Real Estate, phone 607.266.7872.  

Does the Cornell University Business & Technology Park pay real estate taxes?
Yes, in fact, Cornell is one of the largest tax payers in Tompkins County. During 2014, $3.3 million in real estate taxes were paid on Cornell real estate. 

How many companies are in the Park?
More than 90. 

Does a company have to be affiliated with Cornell University to locate in the Park?
No, although we think you will find access to Cornell's resources beneficial to your firm. The Park is open to all office and research firms. 

Is there an email ListServe or other means to contact everyone in the Park?
We are working on a system to notify park members.

May I swim or fish in the Ponds?
The ponds are a beautiful feature of the Park, but for safety reasons we do not allow any recreational activities in the ponds.  

May I hold an outdoor event at the Park?
To schedule an event at the Park, please contact Maria Maynard, Ashley Management Corp., 95 Brown Road, Ithaca, NY 14850, phone 607.257.1725, Ext. 223.